Bagged stones from K & K Trucking and Landscape Supplies

bagged rock
   Welcome to K & K Trucking. We offer landscape supplies including stone, rock, limestone, mulch and more. Walk-ins are welcome. Our customers include homeowners, contractors, commercial businesses and utility companies alike.
   Please call today for pricing and or special requests. We thank-you for your business and hope to see you soon!

  • Driveway Material- Crushed Limestone, Crushed Asphalt, Crushed Concrete, Processed Gravel
  • Soils - Screened Topsoil, Screened Black Dirt, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Manure
  • Stone - Peastone, 6A Stone, Landscape Stone, Boulders
  • Bagged Stone - Available in pallets (50 Bags per pallet)

   We can custom bag a variety of stone including but not limited to Limestone, Peastone, 6A Stone, as well as Sand. The bagged stone is sold by the pallet. Delivery and pricing vary based on location and quantity of pallets ordered.